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Leading Cloud Computing Total Solution Provider

Inspur is one of the largest global datacenter and cloud computing solutions provider in the world. Our technological capabilities enable us to deliver full Cloud service stack from Iaas and PaaS to SaaS. We are widely recognized as the leaders in computing and server hardware design and production, and work with more than 1,000 enterprises around the world in end to end HPC, cloud computing, and private and public cloud management.


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  • Servers

    Intelligent design with high efficiency and scalability

    Our servers are designed in the features of high integrated and high density, emphasize high efficiency and reliability.

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  • Mission Critical Server

    Ultra-high performance engines with reliability rate of 99.999%

    The best deployment platform for key mission critical application, uses modularized architecture and full redundancy technology to ensure performance.

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  • Storage

    Large-scale data storage for higher access efficiency

    Mass storage system in software defined, multiple acceleration mechanisms and continuous data protection.

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Rack Scale Server SR Series is the ideal data center solution for growing enterprises. Featuring an innovative modular design for quick upgrades, it provides centralized power supply and cooling that lowers the operating costs and power consumption of the system while significantly promoting efficiency.
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The INSPUR InCloud Rack is a revolutionary modern data center solution for cloud computing that is widely hailed for its incredible modular design. Based on the Rack Scale Architecture by Intel and following the Scorpio specifications, the InCloud Rack combines centralized power, cooling, and management for instant deployment and exceptional reliability.
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8U/8-Way Mission Critical Enterprise System, also known as TS860GS, is a third generation high performance server by INSPUR. Based on the 8-way server model, the TS860GS deploys cutting edge Intel Xeon processor to deliver unmatched speed and performance.
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Inspur News Room
2018-03-14 2018-03-14
Gartner reports Dell EMC HPE and Inspur are top 3 in x86 servers in 2017

Inspur enters the global top three, becoming a new power in the international server market.

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